Secret Gardens Design in Your Backyard

Imagine a place where you can go to relax, escape, and enjoy nature. You’ve thought about it before but never found the right spot… until now! A secret gardens is an area of your backyard that’s hidden away from view. It can be anything from a sunny glade filled with wildflowers to a shady grove of trees where you can relax in solitude.


A sunroom is a good choice for a secret gardens design because it can be used for relaxing and socializing, while also providing an easy way to grow plants. And they’re not expensive to build!

Depending on your budget and the size of your yard, you might want to consider building one directly onto the house (called an attached sunroom), or building it farther away from the house (an unattached sunroom). Either way, I think you’ll find that having a private little space that feels like it’s part of nature will be great for those times when you just want some peace and quiet.

Secluded Garden

A secluded garden is a secret gardens design that is hidden from the rest of the world. This can be achieved by surrounding it with a fence, or by placing it in an area where it will be less visible to passersby. A secluded garden can be used as a meditation space, or as a place where plants requiring less sunlight grow well (such as herbs). It may also provide an opportunity for rare plant species and fruit trees to thrive since many such plants are sensitive to sunlight exposure and temperature fluctuations.

Jungle Garden

If you have the space, a jungle secret gardens design can be an interesting way to add some tropical flair to your backyard. Jungle gardens are typically made up of plants native to the tropics and are usually anchored by trees such as bamboo and palms. The plants are arranged in neat rows or clusters instead of a free-form design that is more common with other types of gardens.

Jungle gardens can be used indoors or outdoors depending on where they are planted and how they were designed. If you have a small space that needs some decoration, consider using this type of layout in your home or office while still maintaining its natural appearance.

Rainforest Garden

Rainforest secret gardens design are a great way to bring in the natural beauty of the rainforest and complement any backyard space. They can be used in many different ways:

The plants in this garden will help to create an environment that simulates that of a tropical rainforest. The plants can be used as a focal point, or they can be placed together with other elements such as water features, outdoor furniture, etc., to make your own unique space.

This type of garden is a great way to add color and interest without needing much maintenance. It also helps promote biodiversity by encouraging native species while discouraging invasive ones.

The plants included in this guide are all suitable for growing outdoors throughout the year in warm climates like Florida or Southern California (with some exceptions).

French Garden

A French secret gardens design is a formal garden that has patterns and geometric shapes. It is usually rectangular or square in shape. It has pathways, fountains, statues, and hedges. It also has trellises, arches, and other architectural features. The garden is usually laid out so that it can be viewed from all sides. This allows for different perspectives of the garden, which makes it more interesting to look at.


In this secret gardens design, a courtyard is designed. A courtyard is an open space that has been carved out of a larger area to create a private space. The walls surrounding the courtyard may be solid or open to the sky and are usually made of stone or brick. A small pool or fountain often sits in the center of courtyards, while plants and trees line their outer edges.

Sunken Gardens

Sunken secret gardens design are a great way to add interest to your garden. They’re often used in formal gardens, where they can help break up the space and create different areas for different uses. Sunken gardens are usually surrounded by a wall or fence, with plants filling them in. Sometimes people leave the sunken garden empty, but this isn’t recommended if you have pets or small children who might be tempted to jump into it!


Greenhouses are a great way to grow plants that need a lot of sunlight. They can also be used to start plants from seed and keep them warm in the winter months. You can use them to grow fruits and vegetables year-round, even if it is freezing outside! This secret gardens design can be made out of plastic, glass, or wood. If you are planning a secret garden or created one in your backyard, you can choose at least one of these designs to apply.

If you are planning a secret gardens design or created one in your backyard, you can choose at least one of these designs to apply. Meditation space: A secret garden is said to be the perfect place for meditation because it’s quiet and secluded. It can be used as an oasis of calmness where you can unwind and relax after a long day of work or school. You can even choose plants that symbolize peace and harmony so that whenever you visit this spot, they will remind you of how peaceful your life is right now.

Place to grow food: In case the land near your house isn’t suitable for planting fruit trees and vegetable plants due to lack of sunlight exposure then instead consider growing them in a secret garden instead! The best time for planting annuals is spring/summer while perennials should be planted during the fall/winter season so make sure not to forget about this important detail when planning out everything else beforehand!

A place for entertaining guests: If there are many parties at home sometimes then having one area which is completely isolated from rest doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all especially since nobody knows where it lies unless we tell them first!


We hope this article gave you some ideas for your next secret gardens design project. Remember that all gardens are unique, and no two will ever be exactly the same. The most important thing is to have fun with it!