The shipbuilding industry is holding its breath - container ships are blocking the Suez Canal

The container vessel Ever Given has run aground in the Suez Canal. Pilot boats are in place to try to free the ship.

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According to the freight company GAC and ship data from Refinitiv Eikon, Ever Given blocks the important fairway and prevents other ships from getting through.

Just before ten o’clock Swedish time, a queue of over 100 ships had formed according to the newspaper Bloomberg. Images from the ship tracing service Marinetraffic show large collections of ships in both south and northbound directions have been formed around the site.

Ever given from Evergreen has got stuck in the Suez Canal Photo: Julianne Cona / Instagram

To prevent further traffic disruptions, an older, and usually unused, part of the canal has now been opened so that traffic can pass the jammed boat.

The 400-meter-long Ever Given – which can carry up to 20,000 containers on board – ran aground on Tuesday morning.

50 ships cross the Suez Canal

The operator Evergreen says that the ship ran aground after it was hit by an unexpected gust of wind. Previously, there has been information that the power has been cut off on the ship.

More than 50 ships cross the Suez Canal daily, as well as about 12 percent of the world’s trading volume. The canal is also an important source of income for Egypt.

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