Are LOL Smurfs Illegal

Smurf practicing has become a common term among the lol community. There is a mixed opinion on whether it should be allowed or not, but certainly, it is not illegal as it is not against the game policy. You can create a secondary account whenever you want. Whether, you want to play with your new friends, test new champions, or to play without the stress of the ranked game, you can use lol smurfs.

However, lol smurfs do not affect every player, but the player, who is new to the game and wanted to get familiar with the game mechanics, can be affected.

There are many ways to go when it comes to smurfing. In some cases, it is just done to have a second account. But in other cases, people make a lol smurfs account to sell or trade them which is a problem. Here, we will tell you all about smurfing.

Types of LOL Smurfs:

Lol smurfs are divided into the following two categories.

The first category is a low-level smurf. These are the players who have reached a higher level but want to play with less competitive players. There are also players who use lol smurfs to play with friends, who are new to the game.

The second type is the ELO smurf. They are highly skilled players who want a secondary account to climb quickly, learn new champions, and learn against a wider pool of enemies. These accounts are generally used to pub stomp other player’s games. They intend to ruin other player’s gameplay experience.

What are the Consequences of LOL Smurfs:

Smurfing is itself not prohibited in lol, as it does not go against the game’s policy. However, the developers state that there are some people, who smurf with the intention of toxic behavior. They ruin the experience of new players. They even ban those accounts, who are constantly being reported for griefing or toxic behavior. For more info check out

Moreover, if someone catches a person selling or trading a lol smurf account and reports it, then the player will permanently be banned from playing the game. Keep in mind the developers can not detect themselves if someone is smurfing, the only way to get banned is if someone else reports that account.

What is the Community’s Opinion about LOL Smurfs:

Due to the vast amount of people involving in smurf, it has gained too much attention. I already mentioned, there is a mixed opinion whether lol smurfs should be allowed or not. Some players argue that smurfing does not hurt anyone until they are not involved in any toxic behavior. But, some still state that a smurf account can completely ruin a newbie’s game because their opponents are more experienced.

Surely, your query must be solved that smurfing is not illegal if your intentions are good. You should not be pub stomping, as this will ruin the new player’s gameplay experience.  You can smurf whenever you want to from, but keep in mind if you cause problems to other players, your account will be banned forever.


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